AuTrain Lake

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AuTrain Lake is an 850 acre lake fed by the AuTrain River that flows through the Central Upper Peninsula into Lake Superior. The general flow of the water is from south to north. Most of the lake is largely undeveloped because it rests in the Hiawatha National Forest. The river flows in from the south end and flows into the north end. The lake is a clean fresh water lake used for swimming, swimming, water skiing, and boating. Fish caught include northern pike, perch, bass, and walleye. The lake is known for its walleye fishing. Fish can be caught with artificial or natural baits. Since there is a lot of natural food in the lake, some people have more luck with live bait, minnows, worms, or leeches. Three creeks, Joels creek, Cole Creek, and Buck Bay Creek come into the lake on the east side. The river flows through it from south to north. In the fall there is a migration of salmon up the river, steelhead and or chinook. Lake maps are available at LaValleys Resort for the potentially best fishing spots. Good fishermen seem to have the best luck in the lake catching the fish varieties. The largest fish taken from the lake was a 42 inch northern pike a few years ago. If a person knows how to fish, he or she will catch them. When the wind blows from the southeast, the lake gets rough, and boating is not recommended. The same is true for a northwest wind because the friction of the wind causes rough boating conditions. Generally there arenít more 6-10 boats on the lake on its busiest day. Michigan boating regulations must be observed, and copies of those regulations are available at LaValleys Resort. LaValleys does not put a dock out for boats because the water at the lake front is so shallow. Deep draft boats must moor off shore a ways, but small row boats, paddle boats, kayaks, etc. can launch and take out right on the beach.

Leaving the dock out of the water ensures a cleaner swimming area because the dock attracts a lot of ducks to sit on it. From the shores edge, the water gets deep very gradually. A person has to wade out a ways before they get to waist deep water in order to begin swimming. For young children, the gradual deepening of the water can provide a margin of safety. There are no holes or deep spots to fall into. A bench and some chairs are provided in the swimming area. Lake AuTrain is a favorite for many people because of its nearness to the Lake Superior white sand beach, and the free public beach of the national forest is frequented often by local people and tourists alike.